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About Active IT Systems

We started ACTIVE IT Systems because you asked us to.

We’re experts in IT, and we understand how to keep your business ACTIVE.

As experienced technicians, we set up Active IT Systems because our Active Copier Systems clients asked us to. They loved our dedication to managing and maintaining printing and copier systems, so now we do the same for IT.

Our engineers are qualified to install and manage all of your IT systems, including networking, servicing, repairs, and staff training. And we have the knowledge and experience to work with you to provide a cost-effective system that makes your life that little bit easier.

So let’s go for a scroll down the page and we’ll show you how.

Offsite Backup Service

Our offsite backup service means all of your IT data is stored remotely to keep it safe and sound. Whether the data is stored on our servers or your PC at home, it’s heavily encrypted and allows you to recover single files or do a full system backup. If your system crashes or you files become corrupted, we can have you back up and running in no time. It’s super safe and cost effective.

Call 01302 638 981 so we can help you keep your data safe.

About Active Business Support

An efficient and reliable IT system is essential for any business that wants to succeed. Everyone can get on with their job without the interruptions and the headache caused by crashes, errors and systems grinding to a halt. Keeping your IT systems efficient can be complicated, but we make it simple. With just one simple service contract, one fixed monthly payment, and our expertise, we’ll keep your business ACTIVE 24/7.

What you get from Business Support

We use remote monitoring to keep an eye on your systems and hardware to make sure everything is running smoothly. With real-time alerts we can fix a problem before you even know it’s there, and many issues can be fixed over the phone.

If we can’t find a solution using our remote monitoring, we will opt for the hands on approach and can have an engineer at your door 4 hours.*

And if we can’t fix it on-site straight away, we’ll loan you a replacement piece of kit to minimise your down-time whilst we repair your equipment.

We also include sophisticated anti-spam filters to protect your email accounts. Our 14 day remote email storage system means you get an uninterrupted and continuous email service, even if you have a problem with your network.

Call 01302 638 981 so we can help keep your business Active

Our Active Simple Service.
Before or after purchase, service is what we do best. But with us you’ll get outstanding service tailored to your needs to keep your business running smoothly all day, every day. We’ll provide you with a simple all-inclusive service plan with no hidden costs. And our exceptional customer service and engineer call-out means 99.99% of our customers have never had a single day without a machine in over 8 years! We just want to make your life easy.

Keeping it simple

We’re all about simple service. And we mean it. To us, a brand spanking new IT system is pretty sexy. But to you, it’s a system you need to keep your business ACTIVE. So that’s what we do. We make things as simple as possible, so you can concentrate on running your business. No technical mumbo jumbo. No complicated service contracts. Just one all-inclusive, simple solution. And our customers agree! There are lots of IT providers to choose from. But our dedication to providing outstanding customer service is why we have a 98% client retention rate. And we aim to keep it that way.

What you get

Unlimited engineer callouts within 4 hours*

Servicing of equipment to manufacturer’s standards

Training whenever you need it, not just when we install

Network support

Telephone support all day, every day

Anti-spam email filters

14 day email backup

What you don't get

Random price increases

Charges for staff training

Charges for network or connection support

Failing equipment through poor maintenance

False promises

Lower spec contract
Nothing to see here. We don’t do lower spec.
One service contract.
Outstanding service. No hidden costs. One simple contract. If you’re a smaller business you might not need the full on-site service contract with unlimited engineer callouts. But we’re happy to talk about our alternative remote only service contract.

Ready to talk about keeping your business ACTIVE?

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